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Why agents should personalize marketing

Personalized marketing is on the rise in just about every sector. In our hyperconnected times, consumers have more choices than ever, and brands have to get creative if they want to stand out in an oversaturated landscape. In the highly competitive world of real estate, it’s no different. Firms are seeking ways to foster deeper, more meaningful connections with clients, which is where personalized marketing comes in.

It’s human nature to want to feel seen and recognized. We want to engage with content that is relevant and helpful to us and makes us feel understood. The more directly you speak to prospective or current clients—and the more time you put into understanding their wants and needs—the greater impact your marketing efforts will have. Let’s unpack the role that personalization has in marketing, and how you can use it to boost your business

What Is Personalized Marketing?

Personalized marketing is just what it sounds like; it’s tailoring your marketing efforts to your target audience. The process begins with knowing who your ideal client is and conducting market research to learn more about them. Some key data points to collect include demographics, behaviors, interests, goals, income, and lifestyle. This helps you get inside the minds of prospective clients and understand what makes them tick. 

Once you know who you’d like to do business with, you can create personalized content with these individuals in mind. Rather than just advertising your business and hoping it finds the right audience, personalized marketing allows you to laser in on those most likely to seek out your services and offer solutions to their specific problems. Personalization doesn’t end with marketing, either. The best companies use the knowledge they’ve gathered about their audience to decide what products and services to offer, which ensures that they meet their clients’ needs. 

In real estate, personalization often involves finding a niche, which allows agencies to offer highly specialized expertise and services. If you do have a specific niche as an agent, your marketing efforts should reflect that. 

What Are Some Examples of Personalized Marketing?

Personalization is a tool that can be used in every aspect of conducting business. From crafting your brand voice to deciding which services to offer and how to price them, your audience should always be at the forefront of your mind. While personalization doesn’t begin and end with marketing materials, below are some of the most common kinds of personalized marketing and why they work.

Email Personalization

We all get a lot of emails. If you want clients to open and engage with your content before moving it to their trash folder, personalizing the message is key. Rather than sending out mass emails to all your contacts, segment your mailing list into appropriate categories and only send out relevant information. This can mean the difference between someone unsubscribing and answering a call to action. Personalized subject lines and greetings also go a long way in showing clients that you view them as individuals rather than just names in an address book. Many of our agents will add in recent events, local restaurants, coffee shops, and activities in their emails which add a human touch and go a long way with furthering connection.

Social Media Campaigns and Interactions

When it comes to social media, you shouldn’t be uploading content simply to meet an arbitrary post count goal. Every upload should have a purpose whether it’s to educate your audience, offer a solution to a problem, or highlight a unique service you offer. Some examples of personalized social media campaigns include contests and giveaways, which get people excited about engaging with your brand and sharing user-generated content, and people feel like part of your brand’s community. 

Interacting with your audience on social media is another great way to build personal relationships. Responding to comments, direct messages, and reviews builds trust and ensures clients that they are doing business with humans, not a faceless company. Many of our agents from Buying Beverly Hills have been going live on Instagram or doing Q&A’s with their audience so they can get to know them on a more personal level, beyond the TV.

Blog Content

Education is an integral part of becoming a trusted authority in your field. Blog posts or an email newsletter are a great way to share information that is useful to your target audience. The time you’ve taken getting to know your ideal client will pay off here as you’ll know what kinds of questions they have and what they’re interested in. Tailoring your content to match the needs of your audience builds credibility and shows clients that you’re committed to adding value to their lives. 

At The Agency, we’re always adding to the original content on our blog,and making sure it provides readers with useful info across several relevant categories. Whether we are spotlighting our philanthropic efforts, sharing an update on our newest office launch, touring a stunning property or featuring a Q&A with our real estate experts, the goal of the blog is to create a reliable source of unique content that is engaging, timely and informative.

What Are the Advantages of Personalized Marketing?

While personalized marketing involves additional work and strategy compared to a more general approach, it’s well worth it. Content that’s crafted with a specific audience in mind is more memorable and more valuable. It offers something unique and therefore makes a bigger impression on your audience. This increased brand recognition means that when prospective clients are in need of your services, you’ll be the first agency that comes to mind.

Not only does personalized marketing bring in new clients but it also helps you maintain strong bonds with those you’ve done business with in the past. When a client feels that they have a personal relationship with your brand or knows they can count on your platforms for engaging content, they’re more likely to continue following your agency for years to come. This increases the likelihood that they’ll return for repeated business or refer a friend to your services.

In today’s world, personalized marketing has never been more essential. Real estate is all about relationships and marketing is one of the best tools in your arsenal to build and nurture client connections. By understanding your audience and tailoring your marketing strategy to them, you’ll foster the kind of personal bonds that lead to higher conversion rates, glowing referrals, and a stellar reputation.

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